FK began in 2011 as founder Jason Angeles's way of reshaping the frozen dessert landscape in the Bay Area. He named this new style of frozen dessert WEST COAST STYLE frozen custard.  FK began selling their unique West Coast Style frozen custard at the Underground Market in April of 2011.

The year 2012 was a pivotal point in their growth. This was the year that Chef Tim Luym came on board as a new partner, and together they launched the FK food truck. Later in 2013, employee Justin Sakurai became a partner to help solidify the team.  As flavor innovators, we became California's first frozen custard truck and one of the highest rated trucks according to Yelp.


Jason Angeles

Jason founded FK Frozen Custard in 2011.  He combined his entrepreneurial spirit and serious sweet tooth to create a new niche in the food world called WEST COAST STYLE frozen custard.  As a global traveler and foodie, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of frozen desserts.

Tim Luym

Chef Tim Luym is known for his innovative dishes.  He brings his vast experience as a chef in some of the Bay Area's most popular restaurants to help advise FK Frozen Custard on their next big move.

Justin Sakurai

Justin, the newest partner, has brought the balance to the FK crew.  A jack of all trades, he usually can be found either on the food truck or at a catered event, leading the employees of FK.